I’m back and don’t even know where to begin? First of all…how has a whole year gone by since my last entry? Where does 365 days go? why does time seem to be on fast forward as we age and get older? The million dollar question! I figured with 45 short stories that are in my blog, it was enough to publish a book and with the help of my closest and dearest friends, Darren and Teresa I’m getting closer to that goal, yet life has a way of messing with my best intentions to finish it off and submit it to a publisher.

Meanwhile navigating my depression, grief, anxiety, alcoholism, life’s demands, health issues and the sudden and tragic loss of my beloved aunt pat. This past year has been a bit of a blur; like watching one of your favorite episodes on TV with 2x fast forward, a 30 min show scanned in 5 minutes, no sound, just flashes of images, leaving your imagination to fill in the details.

I don’t know about you? But my attention span over this past year has been the length of my reach. Compiling “To-Do” lists – trying to stay one step ahead, I’ve got to write shit down as reminders or else I forget and in the process my priorities get all fucked up. Jack of all trades, master of none. I pondered and procrastinated for decades whether to share my life stories, pushing through fear, finally asking for help and taking action, with support and encouragement my blog became a reality. Fulfilling my dream of publishing a book, has been put aside for housework, and the demands of everyday living.

My passion for writing is still very much alive and I’ve filled a few journals of my adventures and journeys since my last entry, yet I still have my doubts and fears about exposing my most inner thoughts, feelings, emotions and struggles. My “Why” must over rule all of that! Why did I make this decision in the first place? Why did I start this blog? Why did I choose to unlock the secret life I’ve lived within my personal journals? Why?….Well why not? If I could help you feel a little less lonely, if my experience, strength and hope could give you a stronger sense of belonging, perhaps entertain the idea that we’re all a little broken and that’s OK and make you laugh along the way….you are my reason why.

I put my dream on a book shelf, way up high and forgot about it. I’ve left my blog dormant…Procrastination is like masturbation, it feels good, but gets you no where! You’re visits and comments has not gone unnoticed and none of this would be possible without you. I certainly couldn’t do this without you, we’re stronger together then we are alone. Although it’s been a little over a year of sharing my stories with you, if I walk away now and leave this behind me, it’ll be a dream I’ll regret giving up on and I’ve already filled my quota for a lifetime.

I’m going back over my journals to share with you again, where I’ve been, new path’s I’ve built, what I’ve learnt, how far I’ve come and how further I’ve yet to go – Welcome back!

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