Why is it when you’re down on yourself and down on your luck, your self image suffers so greatly? Why you can hardly look at yourself in the mirror and you feel worthless and so empty. Why? When God thinks you’re absolutely beautiful, with every imperfection and flaw. Of all the billions of people in the world, there’s only one of you; unique and perfect in the eyes of God. Who else matters? Why do you cling so tightly to all the lies people tell you and the hurt you have deep within? The pain and agony of bad memories. Why do you choose to believe all that crap — rather than the hundreds of good things and the love others hold for you in their hearts.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to live on the good side instead of evil? Can you find a middle ground somewhere? Open your heart up a bit more to yourself. Haven’t you’ve been through enough punishment? No one suffers except you. People don’t care how you feel about yourself and they can’t change that. It’s like being a coward and that you are not! So why act like one? Why be the victim of other peoples pain and hurt. You’re not bad for wanting what you want…love, peace, serenity, forgiveness, acceptance. Yet why is it so hard to accept yourself for you? You can’t keep searching for perfection – well you can, but you’ll never win. Why? Because you already are, just the way you are. You are constantly striving for something that’s already a part of you, yet you’re choosing not to acknowledge it. Why is that?

Suffering has been my MO for as long as I can remember, dragging it around like a ball and chain. Wouldn’t you like to be free from that? Free of self judgement and self punishments. What do you think you get out of hanging onto resentments? Doing so much for others, seeking validation and control.

Consider for a moment what it would mean to you if you truly loved and accept yourself the way God does. You’re such a worthy person, worth the freedom you seek of the bondage you hold yourself in. You posses the key to that lock on that ball and chain that weighs you down and holds you back from achieving greatness. You waste so much of your effort and time on self-pity. Stop the madness, put that key in that lock and be free of what holds you down.

You have it within you to do this. You’ll feel better and have more freedom than you ever thought possible or even imagined existed. It’s all there for you. You must have more faith in yourself. God’s heart aches for you to love and see yourself as he does. To slip that key you have into that lock of that ball and chain you tow around, that you’ve placed on yourself as some sort of penance.

Death will come, as it does to everyone. What are you going to choose to do with your numbered days? How do you want to be remembered? What legacy do you want to leave behind? Everyday is a gift from here on in. You put in incredible amounts of work into everything you do. Now’s the time to put some work into yourself. The people-pleasing has got to stop. You’ve been trying to change things that are far beyond your control and only in the hands of God.

#1 – There is a God, #2 – You’re not it! Keep that in mind. God will lead you through troubled waters, he’ll also lead you out, if you’re willing to follow. God will navigate, yet you must do the necessary work to get to where you desire to go.

God gave you your incredible brain for a purpose, so use it! Accept that you can change and will. You already have and will continue to do so. START caring less about others and more about yourself. Go find out what you’re truly capable of. Don’t waste your thoughts and don’t allow assholes to live rent-free in your head. Work on seeing yourself through God’s eyes, connect with yourself. Positivity, gratitude, self-love; accept yourself exactly how you are in each moment. Seek out the real truth; that you are so worthy of love, forgiveness and freedom. Be the best version of who you are and fuck the rest. You do you, fight for yourself, fight for the freedom that is yours. Open that door to a whole new world of happiness, joyfulness and contentment and leave that ball and chain behind.

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