farm cleaner-upper

After my Dad died, it took 4 adult kids 4 weeks to clear out Mum's home so she had some space to live. 

I remember putting everything on hold to get the job done, and feeling satisfied when we finally finished.

Still, the effort required some rebalancing within our own lives, and the experience inspired the creation of Wide Open Spaces Farm Cleaner-Upper services.

If you're lucky like we were but need extra hands and direction, or if you and your family are struggling and could use an unbiased coach (and hired hand), Wide Open Spaces can help you,

Maybe you recognize yourself or your family in these descriptions?

  • You're ready to transition from the farm but aren't physically able to manage the necessary clearing out.
  • You want to get the best value for the farm or make it ready for the next generation.
  • You want to take steps now to ensure your family gets the mementos they cherish.
  • Your farm role is changing and you're thinking about moving elsewhere.
  • You want to stay on the farm but need some help creating the space to support your new life. 
  • You want to reduce your family's stress from juggling jobs, kids' activities and your needs at the farm.
  • You want to avoid your family having months of effort after your transition.
  • You know change is coming and that maybe now is a good time to start working on a cleanout.
  • You have exciting new things to do, and clearing up a generation or two of stuff isn't on the bucket list.
  • You are the family member tasked with getting things cleared out at the farm.

Let me help. I specialize in helping farm families get clear about what is important for them during farm transition. In my work with you I will be respectful, open minded, and compassionate during all planning, sorting and clearing out.

Wide Open Spaces is a good match for you if you're looking for:

  • a coffee and a chat to get acquainted.
  • a common sense to-do list.
  • a helping hand with downsizing, clearing, or selecting treasures.
  • local connections for your donations.
  • a budget and a schedule that works for you. 
  • help managing family dynamics (Mediation).

Our process may include:

  • Home and Space organization
  • Household clearing
  • Equipment rental/operation
  • Corral cleaning/manure spreading
  • Metal recycling
  • Hazardous material removal
  • Tree, lawn, garden landscaping
  • Treasure preservation (Heirloom Rescuing)
  • Underground utility locates
  • Firearm disposition
  • Fire permitting for wood disposal
  • Auction setup
  • Cataloging life's evidence
  • Donations
  • Building moving or demolition
  • Waste Bins