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With over 50 years on the planet, I can support you on your journey, whether by clearing or organizing spaces, or listening, guiding, and providing suggestions.

I am your advocate, for all that you dream of being.

I've been ranching for 20 years, and on farms for more than 30. I'm an heirloom rescuer, a life coach, a farm cleaner-upper, a horse person,  a tractor driver, and lots of other stuff.

But mostly, I'm called to help other folks on their journey. What I've done, where I've been, or where my journey is taking me, is less relevant to your journey than your own sense of what could be amazing for you.

Let's build that dream and life of yours!

Relevant Training and Certificates

Mediation - Communications in Alternate Dispute Resolution - ADRIA

Life Coach - CTI Trained

Firearms Safety Certificate

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Workplace Hazardous Materials

Environmental Sciences Diploma