"Michelle is an exceptional coach, heirloom rescuer and has a heart as wide open as the prairie skies. She has an easy going and caring approach while she blankets you in her intuitive energy. Michelle will stand up beside you in your glory and be with you in your sorrow while propelling you forward to transformation. She has the ability to understand what is really important to you deep down and call upon your strength to do what's in your best interest. I've also had the pleasure of her rescuing one of my old chairs; it is a reflection of the trust I have in her to understand my style as well as what's important to me. My chair is now the centre for my most energetic and intentional thought provoking moments.

I highly recommend that you invite Michelle into your life for coaching and to create a new purposeful piece of furniture that has meaning for you."~ Robin H.

"I have benefited greatly as having Michelle as my life coach. She has helped me work through my ‘hot mess’ times to see my vision, to stay focused, strong, and committed to my plan.  She has taught me skills to achieve the life I envision.  She is a mentor, an advocate, a voice of reason and a listener to hear what you are really saying."   ~ Carleen S.

"Michelle is a kind and caring coach who has supported me to recognize my strengths and live my life’s purpose.  I appreciate her patient and understanding approach that creates space for and encourages my personal growth. I enjoy working with Michelle and I would highly recommend her coaching services." ~ Lori S.

"I have known Michelle for over a year, attending workshops with her and I have had the good fortune of working closely with her, coaching her team.  During this coaching assignment, I witnessed how cohesive and comfortable her ‘group’ was.  She is a natural leader, whose employees benefit from her ability to spot raw talent and nurture it, and her understanding of the principle that if you treat your employees well, they will perform over and above the ‘call of duty’. 

I have the utmost respect for Michelle.  She is honest, trustworthy, compassionate, and acts with integrity and diplomacy.  She is also a voracious reader and exceptionally bright. "~Angela dS.