What is your privacy policy?  All personal and payment information will remain confidential. I do not sell or share any information about our clients. I maintain confidentiality about clients, including being confidential locally (no gossiping - my husband doesn't even get to know about your stuff).

What method of payment do you accept?  We accept cash, cheques and e-transfers. Deposits for major services may be required, or alternatively you can provide your payment directly to the vendors I may engage on your behalf.

I’ve decided to move from my farm to town. Now what do I do? Contact Wide Open Spaces for a coffee chat about our services and your needs.

What is the cost of the Farm Cleaner-Upper program?  Each move is unique depending on your timing, the amount of clearing, additional services needed, additional help you or others may be able to provide. We can provide you with an approximation of cost after our coffee chat.

How do you decide what to keep and what to toss? I don't, we do it together. All the more reason to be involved in the clear out now, and not wait to leave it for family to manage.

What is a Life Coaching? In simplest terms, a lot of listening, asking questions, getting you to ask questions of yourself, and ultimately setting direction for your life and you taking action.

I'd like a quote for a Heirloom Rescue, how do I get one? Email me a picture, and provide your phone number and I will give you a call. As you can see from some of the pieces, this is more than just refinishing or reupholstering, the "rescue" includes bringing your vision for the piece to life. Read Robin's testimonial to find out more.